You Home Insurance Could Cover The Cost

We know the thought of the costs associated with finding a leak can be daunting. But did you know that most insurance companies cover trace and access, which means that finding your leak and exposing it could be covered under your home insurance policy?

To find out if your policy covers the costs incurred with leak detection, look for the Trace and Access section of your home insurance policy or speak to one of their professionals.

At Buckinghamshire Leak Detection, we want to make the process as smooth as possible for you. That is why we provide you with a comprehensive report, including photograms for you to use for any insurance claims.

ADI Leak Detection Buckinghamshire

Benefits of Choosing Buckinghamshire Leak Detection Service?

  • No Find, No Fee, Meaning That If We Do Not Find A Leak, You Will Not Be Charged! (Terms Apply)

  • We Aim To Find And Repair Your Leak On The Same Day.

  • Our Team Of Experts Are Highly Experienced And Qualified

  • A Comprehensive Service When It Comes To Insurance Claims

  • We Use The Latest Technologies

  • We Find Your Leak While Minimising Property Damage and Disruption.

  • Affordable, Cost-Effective Leak Detection Service