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Central Heating Leak Detection

Leaks To The Boiler System

If your boiler is losing pressure or you frequently have to top it up, with no explanation of why; it is likely you have a leak. If left untreated leaks to the boiler system can be doing serious damage to the piping system in your home, even leaving you, your family or business without hot water.

The boiler system is one of the essential components in the home, to accurately pinpoint the source of the leak you need a team of professionals. As a leading team of leak detection experts, Buckingham Leak Detection can resolve your leak, effectively and efficiently.

Leaks To The Heating System

During the winter months, the heating system is vital in keeping you and your family warm. If you find that your boiler is losing pressure, dropping below one bar, it is a sign that you might have a leak.

Heating systems are often complex, running under the floor and throughout the home, meaning accurately locating the leak can be difficult. Luckily the team at Buckinghamshire Leak Detection are well equipped to find the source of even the most well-hidden leaks. Using reliable, conclusive and non-destructive methods with sta

Central Heating Leak Detection Buckinghamshire

Water Mains Leak Detection

A leak to your internal and external water main or pipe supplies can leak freely; they can remain undetected for years. If you find that your sources are turned off, and the metre is still spinning or that your bills have dramatically increased, it’s likely that you have a leak.

Water main leaks, hot or cold, can spring up anywhere on the property so are virtually impossible to locate without professional equipment. When it comes to leaks within the piping system, don’t delay stopping a leak, as on the surface there may be no visible signs of damage, the leak can be slowly causing huge amounts of long term structural damage to your property.

Using a combination of leak detection methods, the teams of experts at Buckinghamshire Leak Detection will source and repair the leak for you, giving you peace of mind that your property is leak-free.

Water Mains Leak Detection In Buckinghamshire
Swimming Pools Leak Detection In Buckinghamshire

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Swimming pools are fun for the whole family, unfortunately when they leak they can be extremely costly. The two telltale signs that you have a leak in your pool is that it is either losing water or that your filtration system is pulling air. As often swimming pools are surrounded by tiles and concrete, they are often harder to locate, and if the leak is left unsolved, it will result in further damage potentially incurring massive long term costs.

At Buckingham Leak Detection we are the experts in swimming pool leak detection, we have a team of experts who carry our bespoke testing and provide you with cost-effective solutions to fix leaks in your swimming pool or jacuzzi. Meaning you can jump back in, in no time.